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Kradsebræt med Catnip ....

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Keep your cat's claws sharp and your furniture safe with Griffouille!

Like all animals, cats have to get their barings. They usually begin to scratch your furniture to do so before they feel comfortable at home. This strongly contributes to their well-being. If you wish to save your furniture, you can offer them a funny alternative.

The scratcher meets your cat's needs and is an efficient alternative to your furniture.

This easy-to-use and efficient scratccher guarantees a natural care of your cat's claws…at the right place!

The cardboard can be recycled after use. A practical, economical and environmentally friendy solution.

In this box:

  • 2 cardboard sheets : 50 cm x 20 cm x 2,5 cm
  • 1 catnip sachet
  • 4 double-sided velcro strips  

Composition: cardboard


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